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Born in London. Alexander Prowse Website - trained at Harrow School of Art under the tutorship of Christopher Saunders RA.
Alexander was elected to the Royal Miniature Society (ARMS) and his work features in the One Hundredth Anniversary Book. Interested in miniature painting he was also elected to the Hilliard Society. Sri Sathya Sai Baba knowing of this manifested a beautiful Golden Portrait of himself. See below.
He has exhibited widely at the Federation of British Artists, The Royal West of England Academy, and held the office of Webmaster and Council Member of The Pastel Society for many years .
Winner of the Manya Igel Fine Art Award, 1995.
Frank Herring Award, 2000.
One man shows in London, Mexico, Venezuela, and the U.S.

His work may be found in a large number of collections including that of Lord and Lady Sainsbury, and The Saddlers Wells Theatre.
Alex was commissioned by ILEA for a large watercolour which was presented to Jaques Chirac and now hangs in The Hotel de Ville, Paris.
He applies skilful draughtsmanship in many mediums to produce an exciting range of images, these include unusually both figure and landscape subject matter, from recording life on the Inland waterways to his work with dancers of the Royal Ballet at The Opera House, London.
His open studio featured in the channel 4 television series ‘ Water Stories ‘
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In this painting, the viewer is standing at the feet of Christ, looking up at God, as Arjuna did, and as we all should do.The perspective is paramount in the composition. The viewer is led into the painting directly at the feet of Christ, and actually becomes part of the piece, participating in it by serving as a witness to the crucifixion.
Life is God’s play, a play in which the positive and negative come together.
That is the symbol of the cross, death of the individual and eternal life in God. Sai Baba teaches cut the ‘I’ and let the ego die.
The block on which Christ was made to stand is shown here as a rainbow. Christ’s feet rest on the red, representing the material world of flesh and blood.
Divinity walked among us to help, heal, and teach us, as it did with Krishna, and as it has done once again in Sai Baba.
“And the rainbow shall be in the cloud and I will look upon it so that I may remember the ever-lasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.” (The Bible, Genesis 9:16)
On 27th February 2011, an image of this painting was viewed and held by Sri Sathya Sai Baba during evening Darshan.
He said in a very soft voice “Beautiful.”
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