On the 75th Birthday of Sathya Sai Baba a new building, Chaitanya Jyoti Museum was proposed.

One proposal grabbed the imagination. A building with international character which could house a museum incorporating the Mission and Message of the Avatar. The museum would carry the experience of the contemporaries of the Avatar to future generations.With the blessings of the Avatar, a seven level building with the apex standing 75 feet in the style of a Chinese Pagoda would be built.
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If the building was to be on schedule it would have to be constructed in one year! A team of over 100 volunteers completed the task.It was like a dream when on the 18th November 2000 the inauguration took place in the Divine presence Of Sri Sathya Sai Baba See the film Here.The Chaitanya Jyoti building is a mosaic of world cultures brought into unison with a divine architectural vision realised through devoted craftsmanship.
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The plot required 65m x 60m of levelled ground. The contractor found huge granite hillsides and massive boulders which posed a great problem. It took about two months for the main portions of the rock to be cleared away. Blasting of the rock had to be undertaken in controlled conditions to preserve the sanctity of the holy place. Where this was not possible the building’s reinforced columns were anchored to the rock. Due to the nature of the terrain the construction was not able to proceed at the necessary pace and this led to the building being undertaken from right to left. However this departure from the conventional system did not affect the overall schedule. For a more detailed description of the making of Chaitanya Jyoti Museum go to Radio Sai
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